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Ideas and Inspirations for Decorating your Wedding Arch:


The wedding arch is a lovely way to symbolise the joining of two people and in some cases a nice place to be if nerves get the better of you. At least you are beside the person you love and ensconced in your own arched haven. Traditionally, the structure represents the home that you are building together by the recitation of your vows to one another. At the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop we believe that there are some unique styles that represent the beginning of a marriage.

From traditional to a little unusual, there is an arch that matches your style on your wedding day. A unique and beautiful arch is limited only to your imagination!  It’s your wedding and an arch has to reflect your personality or the theme you have chosen. At Pink Frosting we have put together a collection of inspirational wedding arch ideas to suit everyone’s style.

Down to Earth with more Natural Arches:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Pine cones and spruce
  • Autumn leaves in reds, browns and golds
  • Sea shells – for beach theme wedding
  • Tropical arch – palm fronds/pineapples/monstera leaves
  • Willow branches in lattice work with small spray flowers
  • Apples/fruit
  • Hand woven reed arches

Light up your life with an arch made from lights:

Get creative with themed arches:

  • Chinese paper fans
  • Paper lanterns and Lantern garlands
  • Hand made or paper flowers
  • Ornate wrought iron garden arch – paint in to match colour theme
  • Classic Greek pedestals with flower arch at top
  • Patriotic arch – Decorated with Flags

Extravagant and Unique arches:

  • Ice sculpture wedding arch – expensive and extravagant but very unique!
  • Champagne bottle arch – Champagne bottles lying on their side up the vertical sides of the arch and corks hanging from ribbons across the top of the arch! (See below how to make this one!)
  • Hanging glass ornament arches – glass balls hung with ribbon.
  • Wrought iron and hanging candle arch
  • Gothic arch – black or white metal arches
  • Balloon arches

Pink Frosting has some great wedding arch options including a Heart Wedding Arch, which looks beautiful in white and is easy to transport to the wedding venue.  With a bit of creativity, you can bring these ideas to life yourself and save a fortune! Your wedding arch will be the success of the day and after the event, you can use it in the garden as a keepsake for many years to come!


* How to make your Champagne bottle arch!

  • Collect empty Champagne bottles or use full bottles if you wish!
  • Buy a simple garden arch or wedding arch (undecorated).
  • Lay the bottles on their side and attach to the arch with ribbon.
  • If using full bottles, buy wrought iron ornate single column wine racks to stack up the sides and place bottles in the racks lying on their sides.
  •  Attach racks firmly to the arch with ribbon and colourful twine.
  • If you use empty bottles, there is a fabulous range of beautiful, inexpensive bottle stoppers from Pink Frosting that you can pop in the tops to make the arch even more unique.
  • Thread Champagne corks with White Personalised Ribbon and hang at different levels from the top of arch. You can also use a few Champagne Bottle Balloon Weights to complete the look!
  • If you do use full, chilled, bottles of Champagne, these can then be taken out of their racks after the ceremony and used for the wedding toast!

There you have it, a unique, stunning arch and practical too!

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