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How to Write Traditional Wedding Invitations


Just because the modern bride is steering away from a more traditional wedding, don’t think for another second that the classic traditional big white wedding in the fancy church is being forgotten! There are still plenty of couples out there that prefer the traditional stand before God as the joining of two souls is created with all your friends and family watch teary eyed. At the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop we are here to help you create the most magical wedding invitations with traditional wording to wow your guests!

When you hear the word “traditional wedding” the first thing that comes to mind is the movie “Father of the Bride” where the bride’s parents host a lavish over the top white wedding. With the bride’s parents being the host, this starts the way the wedding invitations should be set out. The first names on the invitation are who is hosting the event, in this instance it’s the bride’s parents.

                “Mr and Mrs John L. Smith”


                “John and Emily Smith”

The next part of your traditional invitations is the request. This is the line inviting your guests to attend. If your ceremony is held in a place of worship the line should read:

                “Request the honour of your presence

                At the marriage of their daughter”

If the ceremony is held at another location, the traditional wording changes slightly to:

                “Request the pleasure of your company

                at the marriage of their daughter”


                “Would be delighted for you to attend

                the marriage of their daughter”

Then it’s time to announce who is getting married. In a traditional sense, it should be noted that the brides name comes first on the invitation followed by the groom.

                “Jane Ashleigh Smith


                Mr. Scott Anthony Anderson”

Then followed than by the date, time and place; traditionally these are spelled out:              

                “Saturday, the fourteenth of September

                two thousand and thirteen

                at three o’clock in the afternoon

St Joseph’s Church

Deakin, ACT”

For a well-known location, generally larger locations, there is no need to put an address, but if it’s a smaller more secluded location an address is a must!

The reception location is the next part of your traditional invitations; this lets your guests know there will be a celebration party afterwards and where to go.

                “Reception to follow at the Ballroom Bell Air Country Club”

If the reception doesn’t follow on straight from ceremony, traditionally you would than include the time and place of where it will be.

                “Reception at five o’clock in the evening

                At the Ballroom Bell Air Country Club

                123 Fake Street

                Deakin, ACT”

Always include an RSVP card with when it has to be returned confirmed yes or no, how many guests and if there are any special dietary requirements. Other optional details on a traditional wedding invitation are including the dress codes for guests to go by. For a more traditional wedding informing your guests it will be Black Tie so they can dress appropriately. Other options include: Semi-formal, dressy casual, cocktail attire, festive attire, white tie, black tie optional and informal.

Finally, some couples prefer to have an all adult reception and opt for having no children attend the reception celebrations. In this instance, the traditional and more polite was is to include Adult Reception at the bottom of the invitation under the dress code.

Traditional and formal weddings will always be a classic choice for brides who dream of the big fairy-tale church wedding. At Australia’s number one wedding decorations suppliers, we are here to take out the stress of what to write for what occasion. Whether you’re having a traditional wedding or opting for the modern wedding, we have all the tips and tricks on how to write the perfect wedding invitations suited to your style.

You can down load our Wedding_Wording.pdf guide here to help you word your very own traditional wedding invitations.

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