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How to Write Modern Wedding Invitations


Your wedding invitation is the first thing your guests associate to your wedding and your theme. It represents the bride and grooms individual personality and sets the mood for your big day. How to set out your wedding invitation wording can be a very complicated task and you want to make sure you write the correct thing for your situation. Bold and modern wedding invitations have really taken off the past couple years and its not slowing down in 2013. Funky chevron patterns in bright and beautiful colours have taken the stage this year for modern invitations. But what to write! Bride and grooms are steering away from the traditional weddings and making the day more about them and their style. Skipping out on the big fancy church with lavish reception and opting for a more personal ceremony followed by a gorgeous intimate reception. Let your invitations reflect your modern style and word them appropriately! At the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop, we have put together some handy hints that will help you structure the perfect modern wedding invitation.

Who is hosting?

These days the big white wedding paid for by the bride’s parents is rarely seen and couples are often paying for the majority of their big day themselves. By tradition it’s who is paying for the wedding that is hosting and appears first on the invitation. A modern wedding invitation, paid for by the bride and groom, takes on a more relaxed and causal message like:

               “You’re invited to come and celebrate the wedding of Jane & Michael!”

                Or adding a quirky phrase like

               “Marc and Lilly would love you to be there while they tie the knot!” (Perfect for a beach themed wedding)

If the payment is being divided by the bride and groom and the families, the modern day wording can include the parents involved, like:

               “Cara and James, together with their families, invite you to join them in celebrating their marriage”

Date, time & place:

The date always comes first out of these three important features, and traditionally its supposed to be spelled out. But for a modern day wedding invitation there is a range of ways of setting this out and incorporating your fun style and fonts to the page. Next comes the time of the event followed by where the ceremony is.

                “On Saturday, sixteenth of November Two Thousand and Thirteen, at three o’clock in the afternoon at Malua Bay Headland”


                “16.11.13 at 3 o’clock in the afternoon at Malua Bay Headland”

Depending on the style of your reception will determine the next section. Things to include in this part is what follows on from the ceremony, where and if there is a dress code!

                “Cocktails, dinner and dancing to follow at Malua Beach Yacht club”


                “To be followed by an evening of food, music and festivities!”

Your wedding invitation should reflect your couple style so don’t forget to include a little flare and fun into your invites! Add in a poem, a joke or something only your guests will understand about you and your partner!

What else to include?

Some other key points on the invite are the RSVP notice down the bottom. Make sure you give your guests plenty of time to reply. Set a date at least a month before your ceremony so you have time to organise catering and seating and that way if you haven’t heard back a month prior you can start calling guests to make sure with still plenty of time to spare!

Some other important things you can include on your invite is dress code and whether you’re having children at the reception. Modern weddings are often excluding children from the guest list and in the wedding party, and remember its your wedding day not your guests so its your choice to invite kids or not.

                “Dress Formal – Adult Reception”


                “Smart Casual – No Children Please”

There is a polite way of saying everything on your invite and still getting your message across.

Another popular option at modern weddings is having a theme, like the 1920’s Great Gatsby, and there is a way of doing this and communicating to your guests to dress in a specific way!

                “Jazz age attire suggested!”

Modern Weddings have taken on a whole new look this time around and bride and grooms are not afraid of being bold, brilliant and most important showing their individuality! This comes out through you invites and how to word them for your modern day wedding! Whether its themed event or an intimate affair, Australia’s number one wedding decorations specialists are here to help make sure your wedding invitations express your individual style at a modern day wedding.

You can down load our Wedding_Wording.pdf guide here to help you word your very own traditional wedding invitations.

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