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How to throw a Gingerbread Man themed party!


Gingerbread men have been a christmas tradition for as long as I can rememeber. The smell of ginger, spices and that first cruchy bite just screams out Christmas time! At the Pink Frosting Party Shop there is numerous ways to encorporate this gorgeous little man into your house hold whether its for a childrens party theme or for your Christmas Decorations, the Gingerbread man can light up your next event!

From a young child, I have loved Gingerbread men and as early as the age of seven I remember going with my Mum to “Elizabeth’s pantry”, a traditional English bakers run by a sweet old lady, surprisingly called Elizabeth! Elizabeth used to look at my brother, sister and I and let us pick a free cake from her delicious variety of home baked goods. It went without saying, I always went for a gingerbread man! For the last 20 years I have been trying hard to find a gingerbread man that reminds me of my childhood. Obviously over the years the recipe has changed and I haven’t found one yet that comes close to the lovely crunch and taste of Elizabeth’s, but I guess lots of old fashioned love went into hers! My search continues…….!!!!!!!!

How to create the perfect Gingerbread Man party for your kids:

We all know the lovely story about the gingerbread house “Hansel and Gretel” written by the Grimm’s Brothers in 1812. At the Pink Frosting Party Shop we are here to help you turn your house into the perfect gingerbread cottage!

Here are some simple steps on how you can transform your house into a gingerbread cottage!

Crafty little Gingerbread men!

  • Make Gingerbread men cookies with the cookie cutter and decorate using Edible Gold Stars and chocolate beans to give your little man bling! These cookies make for a great party favour for the kids to take home!
  • Use the same cutter to trace around and your child can decorate and send out his or her own hand made gingerbread men party invitations!

Another great and fun activity with the kids is making your own gingerbread man toy or hanging decoration! You can make this using home made play dough!

Recipe for play dough:

250g plain flour

50g salt

140ml water

1 - 2 tablespoons of cooking oil

Few drops of food colouring (optional)

Mix everything together and knead into shape. Once you have sculpted the dough into a man shape (or you can roll it out and use the cutter for a flatter GBM!). Let the dough air-dry. Then you can paint, glitter and varnish him! If you want a really hard gingerbread man toy, you can bake him in the oven!

Gingerbread men bring Christmas cheer!

Now days when we think of the cute little happy faced gingerbread men, we think of Christmas and how they bring a whimsical feeling to the festive season.  I am the first to admit gingerbread men are my guilty pleasure, not only to eat but I have started a Christmas collection of hanging ornaments, musical figures and candle holders. Actually my collection extends in the kitchen with a lovely range of gingerbread men items like spoon rests, chopping boards and teacups!

Let this little Man bring a warm and friendly welcome to family and friends over Christmas by decorating the house, tree and table accordingly.

No matter how old or young you are, gingerbread men can brighten up any celebration. They are sweet and yummy so let’s hope the tradition of this little man will continue for many centuries to come! At the Pink Frosting Party Shop there is everything you need and more to make this little man apart of your families traditions! So run run run as fast as you can….

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