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Halloween Party Theme Ideas for Adults


Halloween is one of the most fun holidays on our calendar, and although traditionally we don't celebrate Halloween in Australia like our friends in America do, once you embrace the spook, you will look forward to planning a Halloween party every single year.  Halloween isn't just for kids - hosting an adults only Halloween party can be amazing too.  Here are some fun ideas for hosting an adult Halloween celebration at your house.

Firstly, come up with a theme for your party.  Here are some scary favourites that we just love:

  • Murder Mystery -  You can purchase murder mystery games from department stores which give you all the clues you need to put this together for your guests.
  • Saints and Sinners - Ask your guests to come dressed up as a Saint or a Sinner, which opens up many fun options for fancy dress and decorating your event.
  • Gothic - Create your very own gothic castle at home - with black as your primary decoration colour.  Use the Adams Family as your guide!
  • Thriller - Michael Jackson's most famous film clip, Thriller, is the perfect theme for your Halloween bash.  Guests can dress as Zombies and you can party with the living dead! 
  • Witches & Wizards - Conjer up visions of Harry Potter, Wicked, and the Wizard of Oz with this magical theme.
  • Vampires - Anyone who loves the Twilight franchise will love this theme. 
  • Haunted House - Create your own version of a Haunted House.  Use some of the old Simpsons and Roseanne episodes as your guide.  They are very famous for creating stunning haunted houses as part of their stories.


Start fright night with a scary themed party invitation inviting your guests to your bash.  There are some great Hallowen party invitations at Pink Frosting to buy ready to fill in, or you could make your own invitations in the shape of a black cat, witches hat or haunted house and spill some "blood" on them by spilling some red nailpolish onto a corner.  You could also include some "spider webs" in the envelope to pull out - these can be bought from online party shops like Pink Frosting.  You could word your invitation like this (influenced by the verse Haunted House by Hack Prelutsky):

There's a house upon the hilltop
We will not go inside
For that is where the witches live,
Where ghosts and goblins hide.

Tonight they have their party,
All the lights are burning bright,
But oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.

The demons there are whirling
And the spirits swirl about.
They sing their songs to Halloween.
"Come join the fun," they shout.

So, if you're up for the scare, the fun and the dare
Then put on your scariest costume for frights
Go on, Come inside
The haunted house tonight!


There are brilliant Halloween party decorations for you to buy to decorate your house like a haunted home.  Some of our favourites include stretchy spider webs which you can hang in the corners of your house, spider web chandelier decorations, massive bat attack ceiling decorations and props you can hire from costume shops such as headstones and fake coffins.  Don't forget that household standards like straw brooms and sheets to make ghosts out of make fun and cheap Halloween party decorations too.

Food and Drinks

You can have plenty of fun with Halloween party food and drinks.  Our favourite ideas are over at Martha Stewart, the Queen of Halloween!  Learn from our friends in America who have been planning and executing brilliant Halloween parties forever.  Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Scream Sand-Witches - chocolate and mint icecream sandwich desserts made to look like a witches hat and filled with green goop icecream;
  • The Haunted House Cake with caramelised sugar windows;
  • Snake Cake with Venom Glaze - so spookilicious;
  • Bleeding Heart Martini - oozing with bloody goodness;
  • Bloodthirsty Marys - taking an old fashioned cocktail to a scary place;
  • Eyeball Highballs - will surely test the stomach of even the most ghoulish guest!

Games & Activities

Start with some spooky music to get the party started.  Some ghoulish music includes Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett, Thriller by Michael Jackson, the Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack, and Nightmare on my Street by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. 

Games and activities you will really enjoy include:

  • A game of Celebrity Head based around horror movies and scary characters.  There are so many famous characters to choose from including Hannibal Lecter, Freddie Krueger, Darth Vadar, The Joker from Batman, the Wicked Witch of the West and even Caspar the Friendly Ghost!
  • Hire a Fortune Teller for the night for some real fun with your guests.  Set up a tent in the corner and have guests visit her to have their fortunes told.  This will no doubt be a real party memory for your guests.
  • If you're brave enough, try a Ouija Board.  Definitely not for the faint hearted.
  • Have a treasure hunt.  An adult Halloween treasure hunt can be hilarious fun after a few drinks and with plenty of scary hiding spots to spook the guests!

Party Favours

Send guests home with some fun Halloween party favours so they won't forget the night.  You could send home guests with Party Bags filled with plastic insects, spiders and other spooky creatures as lollies make fun treats for your guests.  Otherwise, spooky themed toys from your local $2 shop make wonderful party favours.  You can usually find ghoulish novelties like plastic fingers, witches noses, eyeballs and other gross-out party favours!

Shop the spooky range of Halloween party products, decorations, invitations and more to bring your Halloween party to life at Pink Frosting's online party shop.


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