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Halloween Party Barbecue Party Theme


So, a Halloween party sounds like a hoot?  But in October most parts of Australia are hot, it doesn't get dark until late and there ain't a pumpkin in sight.  Never fear!  Here's how to have a fabulous family Halloween party that embraces all the fun and festivity with an Australian twist.


Start with the traditional Halloween colours of orange and black, and add a wicked splash of purple or lime green.  Stick to your palette and you won't go wrong!


Print your invitation on a square piece of orange cardboard (select a freaky font such as Chiller).  Then cut out each piece of card into a pumpkin shape.  Pop in a black envelope and send.  Try some bewitched words such as:

Ghosts and goblins, ghouls galore
Scary witches at the door
Jack-o-Lanterns glowing bright
Haunting us this frightful night
Join us for some family fun
On [date] at [time]
RSVP to [host details]
Let us eat, drink and be scary!

Decorating and styling

With a bit of luck, 31 October will be warm enough for a barbecue out in the backyard.  Set the mood with some creepy organ music so that the funereal fun starts from the moment the guests arrive.  Then guide your guests into the backyard - hand the adults a cocktail and the children a bag of treats and let the fun begin!

When you're hosting a party for both adults and kids, try creating separate tables for each and decorate accordingly.  Drape both your tables with black tablecloths and feature a large Jack-o-Lantern as a centrepiece on each.  Pumpkins are cheap all year round, so grab a few from your local supermarket and carve them into Jack-o-Lanterns (there are plenty of pumpkin carving instructions online). 

Decorate your kids' table with brightly coloured plates in orange and purple, and for a creepy touch, glue plastic spiders to the bridges of your plastic spoons.  Another fun idea is to stick plastic googly eyes onto your drinking cups to give them the ghoulish treatment.  If you want to take the Halloween theme further, cobwebs are available at joke stores, alongside spiders, rats, bats and other creepy crawlies.

For the adults' table, use the same palette of colours, but add a more mature feel with an orange table runner and accents of purple napkins.  Feature plenty of tealight candles for a simple but effective look.

Entertainment and games

The kids will want entertaining, so make sure you have lots of fun activities available.  Set up an activity table for colouring pumpkins, ghosts and witches, or get them to decorate gingerbread ghouls and ghosts.

For some structured fun, tie strings of doughnuts between two walls (or trees) and then have a doughnut eating competition.  Each competitor must place his or her hands behind their back and on the count of three, each try to eat their doughnuts.

Reverse Trick or Treat is another great way for everyone to join in the fun.  Each guest gets a bag with ten pieces of wrapped candy.  Explain to the guests that they aren't allowed to say the words: Halloween, Pumpkin, Ghost, Trick, Treat, Witch.  Each time someone catches them using one of the prohibited words, they must offer a piece of candy from their bag.  The person with the fullest lolly bag at the end of the night wins a prize.

Menus, catering and cocktails

Serve up a barbecue banquet, but give the kids an extra thrill by naming each dish in honour of Halloween.  Ghastly Garlic Bread, Bloody Steak Sandwiches and Chopped Frog Salad are sure to make them laugh!  And pour out glasses of Pumpkin Punch (simply Fanta or Orange juice) to quench their thirst. 

For the adults, shake up some killer cocktails, such as the Black Cat.  Mix 1 part black cherry Schnapps, 1 ½ parts vodka, 2 parts cola and 2 parts cranberry juice together with ice and garnished with a mandarin or orange slice.

Favours and gifts

Give your guests Chinese takeaway boxes filled with orange, purple and chocolate treats.  Embellish the boxes with orange and purple ribbons and plastic spiders.  Or another fun favor idea: lay a round lollipop in the centre of a white square of fabric.  Gather the handkerchief around the stick and tie just below the head with a black ribbon.  Add two black dots for eyes and you have yourself a ghostly party favor.

If you're after Halloween party supplies in Australia, Pink Frosting's Halloween party shop is brimming with ghoulish and very scary decorations, invitations, favours and more to bring your spooky party to life.

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