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Good Luck Wedding Dates


Have you recently become engaged to your gorgeous man? Are you feeling a bit lost about where to start with your wedding planning?  One of the most popular questions you are likely to hear from now on is, “So when’s the big day?”  Deciding on the date of your wedding is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make, as this date will be your wedding anniversary for the rest of your life! 

If you’re superstitious at all, you may like to turn to good luck and fortune when deciding on your wedding date.  You can be assured there are many of these dates on our horizon.  A popular date chosen by many later this year is November 11th, 2011 as the numerical date reads, ’11.11.11’.  A few years ago, many people chose to get married on July 7th, 2007 for traditional good luck with the number ‘7’.

Chinese tradition indicates that number ‘8’ is the luckiest number of all so August 8th may just be the date for you.  If you can wait until 2015 to get married, the stars align again on August 8th, 2015 as the sum of all digits in 2015 equals 8 (2+0+1+5=8). The Chinese calendar can also play a big part in choosing your date.  2012 is the Year of the Dragon with many good luck dates listed on this calendar.  Wedding decoration ideas for a Chinese inspired wedding can be found at the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop.  

True romantics may have their eyes on 14th February for Valentine’s Day.  Love birds getting married on Valentine’s Day often choose the heart as their special theme for the day.  For ideas on featuring hearts as your wedding theme, check out Australia’s #1 online wedding shop Pink Frosting.   

Not so keen on Valentine’s Day but eager for a February wedding?  Your fella will love you forever if you get married on February 29th, 2012.  Why, you ask?  Well as this date only falls during Leap Year, that leaves him with just one date to remember every four years! Great if you’re a guy, not so great if you’re the bride hoping to be spoiled each time your anniversary comes about.  On the plus side, there will be far fewer people celebrating their wedding and anniversary on this exclusive date making yourself and your man a distinctive husband and wife. 

Should order and organisation float your boat; the next couple of years offer some opportunities for number loving couples to choose their perfect day.  This year sees 9th October, 2011 (9.10.11) arriving at our doorstep.  We also have 10th November, 2012 (10.11.12) and 11th December, 2013 (11.12.13) on the horizon.  To remind your wedding guests how fabulous and organised you are, you may wish to choose some unique wedding favours for them to take home as a momento of your big day.

For those that are rebels at heart, you may decide to throw superstition out the window and get married on 1st March, 2013 (1.3.13). April Fools’ Day on April 1st might be your cup of tea or even Friday 13th.  Love is supposed to conquer all isn’t it? All I can say is good luck to you!

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