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Fun Ways to Decorate with Honeycomb & Tissue Party Decorations


When I think of honeycomb and tissue paper decorations, I think how well they transform any celebration into a wonderful work of Art!

Outdoors, they are perfect for BBQs, children’s parties, garden or night weddings, cruise boat parties or wedding receptions.

Indoors they transform birthday parties and they are a wonderful inexpensive idea for graduation parties.

All these ideas set aside, I wanted to perhaps go a little crazy and show you some fun, imaginative ideas to use these unique decorations!

So strap yourself in and come on a creative roller coaster ride with me! Imagination is a must on this journey!!

Children’s crafts and fancy dress! (We are starting the steep climb!)

Do you ever found yourself stuck for ideas for your child’s fancy dress party and you don’t want to spend a fortune on an outfit? Well, honeycomb and tissue paper decorations to the rescue!!! Let your imagination run wild! A few ideas include:

  • Clown outfit: Use a Purple Tissue Paper Fan for a neck ruffle and a White Tissue Paper Bell tied with ribbon for a hat. Attach pom poms in a line up the front of the hat, not forgetting to put a big one on the top. Also use pom poms down the front of your child’s colourful clothing.
  • Turtle: Dress your child in green and attach a Yellow Tissue Paper Ball (opened only half way) to their back. Paint the edge of the honeycomb shapes on the ball green. This is the turtle’s patterned shell. Use face paint to colour your child’s face and hands turtle green!
  • Flower Princess: Dress your little girl in her favourite dress and pin beautiful Martha Stewart Vintage Girl Tissue Paper Flowers around it. Then use the flowers to make a garland for her hair.
  • Giant Daisy: paint the middle of a White Tissue Paper Daisy yellow. Dress your child in green and attach the daisy to her head. Give her a green leaf to hold in each hand!
  • Bunch of grapes: Dress your child in purple and hang at least 5 Purple Tissue Paper Balls around him or use a purple pom pom set. Paint his face green and place a green leaf on his head!

Crafts. (Our stomachs jump into our mouths as we speed down the first descent!)

Children can use honeycomb and tissue paper decorations to create some wonderful crafts and even school projects. Some ideas include:

  • Novelty hats and bonnets. (daisy and bell shapes)
  • Solar system planets. (balls)
  • Table decorations. (daisies and fans)
  • Scarecrow or “guy” for fireworks night. (combination of all shapes)
  • Honeycomb animals. (all shapes)
  • Snowman for Christmas. (bell & balls)

After surviving the big drop our speed has increased and the track enters the zany fun house!!!

Interior design and home decorations ideas

Being a bit arty, I like to see a splash of colour around the home! Feature walls usually do the trick! In England, wallpaper is very popular and you find that a room is painted in one colour but then one wall is covered in beautiful patterned wallpaper as a bold statement. Wallpaper is expensive in Australia and quite hard to come by, however you can create the same effect with tissue paper daisies or pom pom garlands

  • Paint the wall a bold colour, like burgundy, and pin vertical lines of contrasting white tissue pom pom garlands equally along the ceiling close to your feature wall to create a stunning 3D wallpaper effect! Alternatively attach 9 daisies in a square shape in the middle of the wall almost like a 3D picture. The effect is very bold and modern!
  • Many homes now have ornamental fireplaces and it’s amazing how, colour co-ordinated honeycombs or beautiful Tissue Paper Flowers arranged in a vase in the grate can give the room a splash of colour and that designer feel.

Has your little girl ever wanted a four-poster princess bed? Here’s a DIY tip to create the look without the expense.

  • Screw 4 hooks into the ceiling above the corners of her bed.
  • Hang a pink pom pom garland vertically from each hook (for the four posts) and drape pink shimmering voile material from one hook to the next to create the valance around the top of the ceiling! 

Like magic, you have a princess bed  which will delight any little girl!!

Hold on tight because we’re about to loop the loop on our roller coaster ride!

Imagine if you will, a fun party with a Hawaiian or Mexican theme. There are bright tropical colours everywhere and perhaps chilli lights strung around the house and garden. A pinata hangs from the ceiling in one room and Tissue Paper Flower garlands are woven around the balcony rails to create a tropical feel. Then, when you get out into the garden, you see some impressive, colourful Totem poles!

To create your unique Totem pole:

  • Take 4 or 5 different coloured tissue paper balls and the same number of different coloured paper daisies. Fill large tin pails with wet sand and place long bamboo skewers or plant stakes into the sand.
  • Once you have expanded the tissue paper balls and daisies, carefully push them onto the skewer.
  • Start with a daisy laid horizontally and push through the middle, then put a ball next and alternate daisies and balls until you have used them all.
  • Top off each totem pole with a bell, heart or fan honeycomb!

These totem poles are so colourful and fun and when the evening comes you can even place a spotlight behind them to shine through the light-penetrating tissue paper, which will make the beautiful colours come alive!

So, finally the carriage starts to slow and we come to the end of our ride. Our hair is swept back and our hearts racing, but what fun it has been to explore the creative and colourful world of honeycomb and tissue paper decorations!

Pink Frosting really helps your imagination to come alive with this wonderful assortment of intricate party decorations. With such a vast range of colours and designs you can almost set the scene for any creative celebration.

 So go ahead, just have fun with them! After all, life is a rollercoaster!!!!

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