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Fortune Telling Party Theme Ideas


So, your want a supernatural experience?  Look no further than a fortune-telling party. 


Your guests will be predicting a good time when they receive their tarot card invitation!  Buy a deck of tarot cards and glue each card to a piece of jewel coloured cardboard.  Make sure no one gets the death card!  Your invitation could say something like:

I've peered into my crystal ball and
see a party in your future
On [date] and [time]
I prophesy you'll be at
[Name's] house
For an evening filled with fortune telling
and special surprises
RSVP to [host details]

If you are inclined, then ask your guests to dress as gypsies with turbans, long, loose skirts, gold belts, hoop earrings and scarves.  Fun accessories could include tambourines or artificial snakes!

Decorating and styling

Set the scene with a sign for the front door that says: Psychic Readings Inside.  Replace the globe at your front door with a red light for an eerie effect, and guide guests into the party room through a beaded curtain.

Decorate the party room in a simple but effective palette of black and one or two other jewel-like colours: think emerald green, sapphire, ruby red or deep purple.  Swathe the room in black fabric and illuminate the space with black candles.  Burn incense sticks and turn the lights down low.

Enhance your fortune telling theme with a few extra props such as silver stars dangling from the roof, tarot cards fanned out across tables and chocolate gold coins in glass bowls.  If you're lucky, you may find a crystal ball down at your local $2 shop, but if not, you can pick up lava lamps cheaply for extra illumination.  Finally, borrow some library books on numerology and tarot card reading for guests to flick through while they are waiting to cross their fortune-teller's palm with silver.


The central activity of a fortune telling party is, of course, reading fortunes, so hire a tarot or palm reader to provide the entertainment.  Set up a special room in the house for your gypsy soothsayer.  Tack a swag of fabric to the door that your guests must push through.  Inside the room, dress a table in black fabric, and add lots of candles and some mystic music.  The teens will love it!

In another space, set up your coffee table with a ouija board.  Again, decorate with black fabric and candles, and scatter cushions on the floor.  Make your own ouija board by pasting letters and numbers onto a piece cardboard.  Decorate your board with tarot emblems - astrological symbols, moons and stars.

Menus, catering and cocktails

For the party table, set a long table with a black tablecloth and scatter the surface with silver stars.  Add black candles in various heights, black plates and red napkins.  Serve food with a mystic twist; give each dish an astrological name such as "Clairvoyant Chicken" and "Gemini Garden Salad".  Dessert could include star and moon shaped cookies or cupcakes iced as Magic 8-Balls.

Serve mocktails in martinis with splashes of jewel colours (red cranberry juice, raspberry and green cordial, or a few drops of food colouring to lemonade).  And for an extra bit of fun, provide fortune cookies with your own custom-made predictions - such as "good times, good friends, good luck."

Favours and gifts

Send each guests home with tarot cards, magic eight balls, or mini books on numerology and fortune telling.

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