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Engagement Rings 101


Marriage proposals are a wonderful thing.  Each and every proposal is a special, unique story filled with love, happiness and excited energy.  Over the years, as friends of mine have announced their engagement, the first thing I want to hear is the infamous marriage proposal story.  A proposal story provides an incredible insight into a couple and their relationship and in particular, the groom himself.  The location, time of day, occasion and ‘boyfriend behaviour’ are the details I love to hear.  Apparently, all boyfriends act really weird just before they’re about to propose. 

But.....there’s one small, sparkly detail that is of course the most important detail of any proposal story. The engagement ring.  The rock, bling bling, the sparkler.  Call it what you will, but the engagement ring keeps a smile on a bride’s face right from the day of the proposal through to the day of the wedding.   Some grooms are brave enough to choose an engagement ring before the proposal and some grooms know better than to assume they know their girlfriend’s taste in jewellery.

So, if you are a newly engaged girl who needs an engagement ring to let the world know you’re officially off the market, Australia’s #1 online wedding shop Pink Frosting has some tips for you to make sure that the rock you’re rocking is just perfect for you. 

Ring bling tip #1Choose your special stone

An engagement ring design centres on the stone.  The question is, how do you choose the right stone for your bling?  The first thing to consider is that each month of the year is represented by a special stone.  Many brides decide that their engagement ring will feature the stone of their birthday month to bring a personal element to their newest piece of jewellery. Another choice is to include the birthday stone of your husband-to-be.  If you’re uncertain as to the stone of your birthday month, here is a list:

Birthday month


Birthday month



























Of course, many brides choose a girl’s best friend, the diamond, to feature on their engagement ring.  You may decide that this modern trend suits your style and create your own design featuring the diamond. 

Ring bling tip #2 – All about the letter ‘C’

When selecting a diamond for your special sparkler, the letter ‘C’ will become your new best friend (apart from a girl’s best friend, the diamond of course).  There are four key words all beginning with ‘C’ that you will never want to forget. 

Carat – The carat weight of a diamond is important as a diamond that reads a hundred points is equal to a carat.  The larger a diamond is, the rarer it is.  In other words, a one carat diamond is more valuable than two half-carat diamonds.

Colour – A diamond’s colour is measured on a scale which begins at the letter ‘D’ right through to the letter ‘Z’.  A diamond colour at the ‘D’ end of the scale is considered perfectly colourless.  Diamond colours past the ‘L’ range of the scale has a distinctive coloured tint.

Clarity – The clarity of a diamond refers to the internal and external characteristics such as  minerals and cracks.  The clarity grade scale starts with ‘flawless’ and range right through to ‘imperfect’.  It’s not until a diamond is rated as ‘imperfect’ that flaws are noticeably visible.

Cut – A diamond’s cut does not refer to the shape of a diamond but more so the proportions of the stone.  What I refer to as ‘the sparkle effect’ a well cut diamond will sparkle its shiny little smile at you and really shine bright, just like the stars!

Ring bling tip #3Personalise your engagement ring

Birthday stones and diamonds just may not do it for you and you want something that extra bit special.   Here are some ideas to make sure your engagement ring is truly unique. 

Family heirloom – Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, have made the family heirlooms cool again.  If either you or your fiancé has a special ring in your family that has been passed down the generations, why not consider this piece of history to decorate your ring finger. 

Engraved message – Have you thought about engraving some special words on your engagement ring that is meaningful to you and your husband-to-be.  It could be the date you got together, the date of your wedding or both your initials. 

One of a kind – You’ve been searching high and low but nothing is cutting the mustard.  How about designing your own ring?  Your own design will ensure that no-else in the world has the same ring as you.  Your very own piece of diamond heaven. 

Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend and so is Australia’s #1 online wedding shop Pink Frosting.  May you find the perfect ring to join you on your journey from engaged to married. 

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