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DIY Ribbon Decorations


Here are two simple DIY projects that you can do. Use these to decorate a party, wedding reception or your home.

Tin Can to Treasure

You will need:

Tin cans – amount and size will be dependent on what you will be using them for.

Ribbons – for the base cover a thick satin ribbon with a sheer ribbon or tulle to go over the top.

Craft glue

Embellishments – diamanté buckles/pin, acrylic strands.

To make:

Take you tin can and at starting at the top of the can, glue one end of the ribbon to the tin. Wrap the ribbon around the can from the top to the base, keeping the ribbon flush with minimal overlap. Fold the end of the ribbon to form a triangle and secure with glue.

Once the glue has dried, then proceed to wrap the sheer ribbon over the top, but not as tight as the base ribbon. As with the base ribbon, secure both ends of the ribbon with glue. Set to dry. In the meantime sort out your choice of embellishments. Use strands of acrylic garlands, trim to fit and using glue that dries clear, adhere the garland to the top of the tin, even draping it round the lip.

Instead of wrapping the sheer ribbon around over the base ribbon, tie it around the middle of the can and secure/thread a pretty diamonte buckle or brooch on it.

Use your new Tin Can Treasures to hold pretty bouquets or lollipops or anything else you want to put in them! For base ribbons, consider: dark colours like the royal satin blue with a shimmering tulle to cover.

Ribbon Roses

So, so simple you can use Ribbon roses to decorate invitations, place cards, bombonierre, attach to a ribbon and make a napkin ring or turn into a brooch for your flower girl to wear or attach to a headband.

You will need: (makes one ribbon rose)

Ribbon cut into four equal lengths.

Craft glue or seweing thread the same colour of the ribbon.

Crystal embellishment or favourite brooch (if it is going to be worn by a loved one).

To make:

Fold each piece of ribbon over in half and secure to the base with either craft glue or a simple stitch. Once all four pieces of ribbon are folded and secured you can then place them together, overlapping the base of each ribbon (where the ribbon was glued or stitched over). Finally glue/stitch the pieces together and then add the centrepiece (diamonte, button or brooch). You can make these flowers as big or as little as you want depending on the type and width of the ribbon being used. You can even attach a thinner ribbon flower over the wider ribbon flower and secure with a button or embellishment. If you are going to use the ribbon rose as an accessory, glue a round piece of felt to the back of the flower so you can then secure it to a headband or safety pin.

Australia’s #1 Wedding & Party Shop, Pink Frosting have ribbons galore and they are suitable for both of these projects. They are minimal fuss, minimal equipment and minimal stress to put together. All you have to do is pick your colour ribbons, your embellishments like the beautiful acrylic garlands that you can cut to size, and the rest is easy.

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