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Dinosaur Themed Parties


OK, so we are thinking Dinosaur themed parties and the first dinosaur that springs to my mind is DINO from the Flintstones. He was a happy-faced, purple and pink spotted dinosaur that bounded around like a puppy always getting into mischief! Dino and Dorothy the dinosaur are perfect dinosaurs for younger children, but these days, scary dinosaurs like the ones off Jurassic Park are all the rage!

With this in mind the Pink Frosting Party Shop have such an extensive range of Dinosaur gear to make your child’s party mammoth (excuse the pun!). Firstly, send out Dinosaur Personalised Party Invitations or Dinosaur Pop Up Party Invitations. These are so impressive, it will be like a personal invitation to Jurassic park and your child’s guests will be thrilled to receive one!


Everything to do with Dinosaurs is BIG so decorate accordingly! Use giant Dinosaur Party Scene Setter decorations to cover the walls and string Dinosaur Party Hanging Cutouts  from the ceiling. Combine these with Dinosaur Jointed Party Banners and complete the theme with dinosaur balloons!

Have Jurassic Park the movie playing on the TV in the background to set the scene!

Table setting

Continuing the giant theme, Dinosaur Party Table Centrepieces are bold and scary! Complement these with Dinosaur Party Cups, Dinosaur Small Party Plates and Dinosaur Table Sprinkles.  Things could get messy so don’t forget the Dinosaur Large Party Napkins!


It is so easy to make your own professional dinosaur cake! Pink Frosting has a range of delicious cake mixes to choose from and then all you need is a Dinosaur Cake Baking Pan. Decorate your cake with Jurassic Dinosaur Cake Candles or if you choose to bake your own cake from scratch use the amazing Dinosaur Cake Decorating Kit to make your cake a sensation!

Cup cakes can be an alternative to a large cake and look great on a Yellow Stripe Cupcake Display Stand with Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers!

Party favours

There are too many dinosaur party favours to list (check out Pink Frosting Party Shop to get a some great ideas) but here are a few to get you started:

Don’t forget activities for the kids! Here are some great game options for the party:

  • Fill your Dinosaur Pinata full of goodies and hang it in a room in the house out of sight. Get the kids to go hunting for the dinosaur and when they’ve found him let them use a Pinata Buster Stick to make all the treats drop out!
  • Make your own Dinosaur kites! - Use twine to bind two bamboo garden stakes together in a cross shape. Cut up a Dinosaur Party Table Cover into diamond shapes that fit to the bamboo cross. Punch holes in the plastic diamond shapes at each corner and thread string through the holes and attach to the ends of the bamboo stakes. Do this for all four corners. Attach Dinosaur Party Hanging Cutouts or Lime Satin Woven Edge Ribbon  from the bottom point of your kite for the tail and lastly tie a roll of string to the middle of the kite frame!  Hey presto! All the children get to go home with a dinosaur kite they have made themselves!
  • Dinosaur Fossils – collect rocks or buy a bag of large pebbles from your DIY store. Let the children use a Liquid Chalk  pen to draw around the shape of a dinosaur from the Dinosaur Party Favour Pack onto the rock. The result, their own dinosaur fossil to take home!

Any child’s party will be transformed into DINOSAURIA with the help of Pink Frosting Party Shop, so treat your child to the BIGGEST scariest party in town!


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