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Christening Party Themes & Decoration Ideas


Congratulations of the arrival of your little bundle of joy.  Parenthood is an exciting journey full of new experiences including children’s birthday parties, mother’s groups, and play dates at your nearest playground.  You world has changed for the better with everyone in your life keen to meet your new baby.  Many people choose to have their baby christened and this is a great opportunity to get your loved ones together to celebrate the newest member of your family.  While christening ceremonies themselves are usually held in a place of worship, a christening party held in the family home afterwards is a lovely informal occasion for everyone to catch up. 

Australia’s #1 online party shop Pink Frosting are the party specialists and have some delightful christening party themes and party decoration colour combinations to share with you.  Planning a unique christening party to match your personal tastes and baby’s personality will create wonderful memories you can share with your child as they get older.   So, when deciding on the look and feel of your christening party along with the all important party decorations, here are two key party ingredients to consider accompanied by some delicious ideas.

 Christening party theme ideas

Here are a few christening party themes to set your imagination running wild.  For more party themes, have a quick peek at the Pink Frosting website. 

  • Angels – Quite appropriate and fitting for a religious christening ceremony, an angel themed christening party could be perfect for the angel in your life. Crisp white decorations featuring a gender appropriate colour will work well.
  • Animals – Choose a favourite animal as a theme for party decorations or farm animals or zoo animals.  Pink Frosting has some fabulous party decorations featuring elephants and giraffes among many others.
  • Beach – For summer babies, a party featuring beach toys for kids to play with and possible even a sandpit will have everyone relaxed and thinking they’re on holiday.
  • Bumble bee – One of my favourites, a bright and cheery christening theme that will have guests wondering where you found your gorgeous bumble bee decorations.  Pink Frosting has everything from napkins to paper plates and table runners.
  • Butterflies – Such a pretty christening theme ideal for baby girls.  Choosing a party decoration colour combination will allow your imagination to run wild. 
  • Shapes – To stimulate your baby from a young age, decorating your christening with various shapes like love hearts, stars and moons will encourage your baby to become aware of the environment around him or her.  Incorporating bright colours can further enhance this experience. 


Christening party decoration colour themes

Not every parent will have the time or energy to find party decorations in line with a certain party theme so choosing a colour combination is sometimes a quicker and easier option.  Pink Frosting has an amazing array of simple, colourful party decorations that will trick guests into thinking you spent hours planning, when all you did was order online with decorations arriving at your doorstep. 

For baby girls

  • Pink, pink and pink – Pink Frosting’s favourite of course!  Your baby daughter will love looking back on pretty pink decorations in years to come.   
  • Purple and white – An alternative to pink that is ‘girl friendly’ without being too over the top. 
  • Summer colours - Orange, yellow and watermelon are lovely colours that will suit your baby’s christening in the warmer months.

For baby boys

  • Baby blue and white – A classic combination for little boys where party decorations are easy to find.  Perfect for the busy mother.
  • Chocolate and blue – This combination looks better than it sounds.  Chocolate and blue create a strong masculine look to your christening party. 
  • Green and gold – A patriotic colour choice for your son’s christening.  A fantastic alternative for baby boys to celebrate this special occasion. 

Gender neutral colour combinations

  • Red and blue – A visually appealing colour scheme that everyone will appreciate.
  • Mint green and lemon – This fun and delightful gender neutral colour palette is great for parents after a special touch to their party. 
  • White and silver – A neutral but unique combination where party decorations can be recycled for other family events.  Fantastic for the environmentally friendly. 
  • Black and white – A classy colour choice for christening party decorations when you want to impress guests with your sophisticated party decorations

Best wishes as you plan a special party for your new baby as you celebrate their christening.  For more spectacular ideas and party supplies, visit Australia’s #1 online party shop Pink Frosting. 

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