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Celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in style!


Celebrate 60 years of The Queen's reign - the Queen came to the throne on 6th February 1952 and her coronation took place on 2nd June 1953. Whether you are a big fan of the Royal family or are impartial to them, you have to give the Queen her due. At 86 years of age she is still touring in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee and she still regularly attends events and fulfills all the duties of her title. At this age, the rest of us commoners (!) would be relaxing, taking caravan holidays and playing bingo!!! In Australia there is a public holiday for the Queen’s Birthday in June every year and surprisingly, England doesn’t get this, so I think most people are happy to get an extra day off work this year thanks to Her Majesty!!!

Living in England, everywhere I go, Union Jack bunting is adorning in shop windows and the Queen’s photos and memorabilia are everywhere! I did have a chuckle when I came across a Jubilee display that had a picture of a tea pot and the words “Frightfully British, let’s brew it up”!!  The English do love their tea!!!!Our village has many houses with Union Jack flags and bunting strung all over them. How excellent that the Jubilee is an excuse to celebrate and go a little mad with flags and bunting in these hard times!

In Australiam Pink Frosting have a fabulous "Very British" range to help your celebrations along.

Jubilee celebration ideas:

Organise a street party and lay the table with –

Brightly coloured or Union Jack table cloths and napkins.


·         Very British Tea Party Cups

·         Very British Tea Party Plates 

·         Serve sandwiches and canapes on Very British Tea Party Serving Platters and pop Very British Tea Party Canapé Flags on them!


Hold a Royal Afternoon tea

Decorate the house with red white and Blue Party Bunting  and flags

Lay the table with your best china cups and saucers and place A Very British Tea Party Teapot Vase with flowers in in the middle.

As Nigella Lawson is the Queen of British baking, why not try her Black Forest Victoria Sponge and serve on A Very British Tea Party Victoria Sponge or Cake Stand.


The ingredients for Nigella’s cake are:

·         6 oz butter/margarine

·         6 oz caster sugar

·         5 oz self-raising flour

·         1 oz cocoa powder

·         1 1/2 tsp baking powder

·         3 large eggs

·         2 tbsp milk

·         Filling: 6 tbsp best quality Morello cherry jam splash of Kirsch (optional) small carton double cream

However, if you are short of time and want the same result, why not try pinkfrosting’s delicious Chocolate Cake Mix. 


Jubilee celebration ideas at home.

·         Thousands of beacons will be lit around the world to celebrate the Queen’s 60 year reign. I know in our village we are having it mounted up on top of our 11th century church for all to see. Bring this idea home by lighting garden bamboo flames or lanterns around your home.


  • A Concert is being held at Buckingham Palace on 4th June. Gather friends around to watch it or hold your own concert and get the kids and adults to do their own acts. Break out the icecream or fresh cream and strawberries while watching it!


  • Get your guests to dress in red white and blue or perhaps have a “best hat” competition. Most people have one posh hat they might have worn to a wedding or a horse race. Otherwise bright novelty hats are great fun too!


  • We are having a go-cart and wheel barrow race from this village to the next! All you need is a team with someone pushing and someone in the wheel barrow! Decorate the wheelbarrow and you’re ready to go! Everyone has a wheelbarrow, so why not have wheel barrow races at your street party!!


  • A fun idea for the children is to decorate hard boiled eggs or ping pong balls in red white and blue and hold egg and spoon races! The winners can be awarded crowns full of red, white and blue jelly beans!


However you celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee,  pinkfrosting can help make the day a Royal occasion to remember! So raise your glasses and enjoy the celebrations……and whatever happens, KEEP CALM and CARRY ON!!!!

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