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Bucks Party Planning Ideas


If there's ever a wedding cliché, the bucks' night is it.  In days gone by, grooms-to-be hosted genteel black-tie affairs to celebrate the end of their bachelor days.  Somewhere along the way this tradition transformed into the notorious no-holds-barred party complete with strippers, sizzling videos and ball-and-chain gags.

But many modern grooms are rejecting the beer-filled evenings in the pub for events that reflect their interests.  Consider some of the following ideas:

  • A day at the races
  • Watching a football match
  • A golfing weekend
  • A fishing expedition
  • A day sailing on the harbour
  • A weekend skiing the slopes
  • A night at the casino

Bucks' night planning

The key to a successful bucks' night or weekend is simple: organisation.  The night before the wedding is a definite no-no!  Organise your event at least one week before a wedding - the same weekend as the hens' night is ideal.  Here's what to consider:

  • Ask the groom what he wants to do.  It is his bucks' night, after all. 
  • Ask for a preliminary guest list.  The groom may have work colleagues or out-of-town friends that you don't know; he may want it strictly friends, or may welcome the chance for his father and future father-in-law to be involved.
  • The event costs, including those of the groom, should be divided evenly among the group.
  • If you're planning a pub-crawl, work out who's paying for what before people get too drunk.  The best idea is to ask everyone to contribute to a beer fund!
  • If a weekend away or day of activities is the go, then ensure you advise guests well in advance, letting them know how much the event will cost and asking them to contribute before the day.

Who should host?

The best man or a close family member is the perfect host for the evening, and should invite groomsmen, close friends and family.  It goes without saying that the bucks' night is a strictly male event!

Remember that there are some fantastic bucks night novelties, games and party supplies for you to buy online.  Australia's number one online wedding shop, Pink Frosting has a great range of bucks' party gear to help you have a truly fun night.

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