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Bridal Shower and Kitchen Tea Invitation Ideas


A unique and eye-catching invitation heralds the bridal shower on the horizon and reflects the tone of the upcoming wedding day.  With a few simple words and a carefully considered design you can let your guests know whether they can expect an afternoon kitchen tea party in the garden, a glamorous cocktail party, a pampering spa party or a fancy dress feast.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Think about your theme. Your bridal shower stationery sets the mood for your party, so consider tying your stationery and invitations in with your theme.
  • Keep it simple.  Even an elaborate looking invitation is a simple, yet elegant combination of materials.  Add one too many colours or patterns and your concept becomes too busy.
  • Don’t leave it too late!  Invitations should be sent 4-6 weeks prior to the shower. 
  • Don’t keep your guests in the dark!  On your invitation you should include:
    • Name of the guest of honour
    • Host/hosts names
    • Date, time and place
    • Whether it will be a surprise
    • Who to RSVP to and a deadline for RSVP.  
    • You may also like to include gift registry information, details of dress code, the theme of the shower and a map to the party location.
  • Make it easy to read.  You may need to avoid extremely ornate script fonts, and certain paper colour-and-ink combinations. The type should be large enough to be read without squinting!
  • Order more invitations than you need.  When you realise you’ve left someone off the guest list, it’s simply a matter of addressing a spare invitation. 
  • Keep it neat.  If you’re writing by hand, don’t use a ballpoint pen.  Flat-tipped pens and calligraphy pens create neater invitations in around the same amount of time.  
  • Take the time to proof read.  If spelling’s not your strong point, ask someone who loves nothing more than proof reading with a red pen!  
  • Create a master guest list.  Include who you’ve invited, when invitations were sent and what replies have been received.

With all the amazing materials and incredible stationery designs on the market, it's not difficult to think creatively.  There are options to suit every party budget, from a few dollars per invitation for do-it-yourself craft supplies to $20 a piece for a bespoke, extravagant invitation.  And with so many outrageous and fabulous bridal shower invitations available, you can choose something that reflects you, your style and the event you're planning.

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