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Bridal Shower and Kitchen Tea Games


If you're a traditionalist, or love a laugh, then bridal shower games can be fun part of the lead-up to your big day. There are endless ideas for games to play at your bridal shower or kitchen tea.  Here are a few favourites to inspire you:

Don't say ‘bride' or ‘wedding'

Each guest receives a clothes pin as they arrive and it is explained to the guests only once: "if you catch someone saying the word ‘bride' or ‘wedding' you can take their clothes pin." At the end of the shower the quest with the most clothes pins wins a small favour or gift.

Bridal Bingo

If you have more than about 8 guests this will be lots of fun.  Grab a pack of bridal shower bingo from a shop like Pink Frosting.  Each card is printed with a different type of gift such as pillows, lingerie, picture frames etc and as the bride opens each gift, guests mark their cards.  The first to shout Bingo wins a prize. Keep going until all the gifts have been opened - so you'll need a number of bridal shower prizes for this fun game.

Who wants to be the bride?

Here's how the ‘Millionaire' game can be adapted to your wedding shower. Rather than a million dollars, you offer a mystery gift. First come up with 15 questions about the bride and the groom that will lead to stories about the future couple. Then, make up three incorrect answers to go alongside the correct answer to each question. Before you play, organise the questions from easy to difficult.

When to play: Before opening gifts everyone is given a pad and paper and the first question is read and four potential answers are given.  Ask guests to write the answers on a large piece of paper for everyone to see (one page per question). Each guest takes half a minute to write down what they believe to be the correct answer.

Then, everyone shows the answer they selected. Those who answered correctly continue to play.  During the game, the bride-to-be can expand on the questions (such as, "How did you first meet??) while opening the first gift. The questions continue until there is just one person playing and she receives the gift.

Note: One question is read before the opening of each gift. The combination of hearing the stories behind the question keeps this part of the shower interesting for all.

Pass the parcel

Parcel the parcel is not just fun for children!  Try a grown up version by wrapping a small gift in a box, then wrapping it in different layers of gift wrap.  Ask your guests to sit in a circle, play some music, and ask them to pass around the parcel.  When the music stops, the guest left holding it unwraps the first layer of wrapping paper; then the music starts again and the box is passed.  Everytime the music stops, another layer is removed until, finally, someone unwraps the very last layer... and this person is the winner.

Bridal Trivia

Get together with a couple of the bride's best friends and create a list of fun questions about the bride and groom.  You can match the questions to the theme as well, so if you are hosting a wine tasting shower, ask questions about the couple's favourite wines.  You could also make this a Fact or Fiction quiz and give statements about the bride and groom and see if the guests can work them out.

The wedding dress game

Guests are divided up into several groups and given a roll of toilet paper. The teams are told that they must create a wedding dress using only the roll of toilet paper. One member of the team becomes the model and the rest decorate. Give them 3-5 minutes to create the dress. The bride will judge that results and declare a winner. Make sure to have the camera ready for this one! A great way to get everyone involved.

Ribbon bouquet

This is a wonderful new American tradition which is a great addition for a bridal shower party.  As the bride opens her gifts, the hostess keeps all of the bows together and assembles a ribbon bouquet out of them.  The easiest way is to gather the bows together and wire them at the base, covering the wire with a thick ribbon to create a bouquet.  In the contemporary tradition, the bride carries this bouquet down the aisle at the rehearsal.

If you're looking for an easy way to create a fun day, Pink Frosting has a gorgeous Bridal Shower Games section for some great games to purchase for the day, try the Bridal Bouquet party game book.

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