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Baby Shower Games & Ideas


Baby showers are an opportunity to explore your silly side with fun games!  Here's some of our favourites...

Don't say BABY

Each guest receives a clothes pin or a dummy as they arrive; they are told just once: If you catch someone saying the word ‘baby' you get to take their clothes pin or dummy. The one with the most pins or dummies at the end of the shower wins.

The Price is Right

Just like TV, purchase several baby items and keep the receipt. Have the items out for the guests to see, and have them write down their guesses for the prices of each item. The guest who comes the closest (without exceeding the actual price) wins a prize.

Baby Food Guess

Purchase 6-10 jars of baby food, remove the wrappers and then number each jar. Ask your guests to taste each one to try to guess the food.

Photo Game

Collect a baby photo from each guest, as well as one of the mother-to-be.  Display them and ask each guest to guess which photo is the mother-to-be when she was a baby.

Baby Shower Scratchie Game

Order the Baby Shower Scratchie Game from Pink Frosting.  Choose your design, add the mum's (and/or dad's name) name, and the shower date. You'll receive 20 scratch-off cards. The winning card is on top, the rest have a crying baby when scratched.

Measure Mummy

Pass out yarn, string or toilet paper and ask the guests to take off the amount they think will fit around a part of mummy's body. (Everyone will think it is going to be her tummy, but instead use her head, neck or ankle!)


Just like Pin-The-Tail-On-Donkey, except for this game, make printouts or draw little dummies.  Number them (one for each guest), print out a picture of a baby and hang it on the wall. Use a scarf to blindfold your guests, who will try and put the dummy into the baby's mouth.

Celebrity Yummy Mummies

Scour your old magazines and the internet for photographs of babies and their famous mothers.  Cut them out and sort into two piles.  Ask your guests to match the babies with their mothers.  If you need some help, check out the Celebrity Babies blog for some pictures.

Baby Love Shower Game Kits

Pink Frosting has Baby Love Shower Game Kits in blue, pink, animal and love bug themes, featuring four fun and exciting games for up to twenty guests. The games included in this kit are: Don't Say It, Name the Baby, Baby Word A to Z, and Draw It. These baby shower game kits will add excitement to any baby shower and are a great way to keep your guests entertained!

Memory Book for Mum and Bub

Baby Shower games needn't be all about nappies and dummies. Why not have guests create a memory book for Mum and Bub? Take a Polaroid picture of each guest, give them a card in the theme of your event and have them write a piece of advice or memory on the card. You can then attach these to a pin board, which can serve as a lovely memory board well into the future.

Pink Frosting's baby shower shop has everything you could ever need to create fun baby shower games.  Don't forget to check out our amazing baby shower favours to find great prizes to give out for all your guests.

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