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5 New Party Themes for the Whole Family


In this part of the world we are lucky enough for the festive season and summer to coincide, which makes for optimum partying conditions. During the nineties and noughties, there was a bit of a decline in the themed party scene. People were a bit jaded from the madness of the eighties and suddenly became too cool for playing dress up. But recent years have seen a huge resurgence when it comes to people collectively wearing ridiculous clothes, having a few drinks and getting their boogie on.

We have some new great ideas for party themes, some of which are family friendly, while others are more appropriate for over-18s. This post lists five of our family friendly favourites. 

Fluffytown and Blanketsburg

Inspired by the Community episode of the same name, this party idea is fun for the whole family. If you are planning to invite a lot of people, then you could hire a hall. But because of the nature of the party theme, the cosy setting of a home would be preferable. The idea is to turn it into a giant slumber party that all the families can enjoy. So invite your friends and their families around, and tell them to bring as many sheets, blankets and pillows as they can, and turn the whole house into a fort. Then climb inside, tell stories, eat popcorn and other unspillable snacks.

Top tip: Prepare the snack beforehand as trying to manoeuvre once the fort is up with be a challenge. 


Yes, The Beatles were of our parents’ generation, but somehow our generation knows all the words to all the songs, and so do the future generations. Nearly every child, no matter which decade they were born in, goes through a Beatles stage, which makes a Beatlemania party fun for everyone. You can either go as your favourite Beatle (we all have one) or you can dress up as a Beatles song title. “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, “I Am The Walrus”, and “Elenor Rigby” are just a few ideas.

Top tip: Create a playlist with songs from the Beatles era, but not all Beatles. That could get annoying. 

Graffiti Party

Tell everyone who you invite to your party to wear a plain white t-shirt. Then purchase a bunch of fabric paint and fabric felt-tip pens and get creative. You can draw and paint pictures on each other, or if you’re not much of an artist, why not write a message. There’s only one rule though - you can only write positive things. Everyone can keep their t-shirts and have a look at them from time to time over the years and re-read all the nice things the party guests said about them.

Top tip: If you have a garden wall, get some spray paints and let the guests do some real graffiti. You can always paint over it later if you don’t like it. 

We Need a Hero

Spiderman, Superman, Black Widow. There are so many superheroes, and everyone - man, woman and child - has their favourite. Having a theme where everyone has to come as their favourite superheroes is a fun idea that will make for some great photo-ops. And if you don’t feel strongly about any superhero in particular and have a bit of a creative flair, why not invent your own superhero? All you need to do is pick a colour scheme, design a logo, and throw a sheet on as a cape.

Top tip: Get a bottle of bubbly and a superhero figurine for the Best Dressed Award. 

Protect Yourself From Aliens

Remember that M. Night Shyamalan movie Signs. No? Don’t worry, neither does anyone else. What we do remember though was that there was one scene where a few of the characters made hats out of tin foil to prevents their minds being controlled by the aliens. We’re not suggesting that tin foil hats will prevent mind control. We have no way of proving that. But tin foil hats are mad fun to make. So stock up with loads of tin foil, and get creative.

Top tip: If tin foil isn’t enough, get some ribbons, stickers and colourful paper to make them even more fun.

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