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5 Most Popular Kids Party Themes


There are thousands of kids party themes you can choose from and finding the perfect one can seem like an impossible task! If you are stuck, why not go with a firm favourite? Choose from the 5 most popular themes of all time to ensure your party is a success!


Wild, Wild West

Cowboys and Indians reign supreme in the old western desert sun! With cowboy hats, feathered headdresses, sheriff badges and horses setting the theme for a western party, this kids party idea will get boys and girls running around and creating their own fun! Help their imaginations flourish with games like Pin the Tail on the Horse/Cow and Red Rover, as well as serving sausage and beans for lunch, with a fire for roasting marshmallows afterwards.

Western Party 

Under the Sea

Both children and adults alike are fascinated by what hides beneath the blue waters. With fantastical creatures like mermaids and giant squids fascinating us, it is no wonder an under the sea party is such a popular theme. If it is a girl’s party, get everyone to dress as mermaids and enjoy some fun in the pool, as well as serving seafood. For boys, try a more mystical theme of submarine exploration, with big decals of deep sea critters.

Under the Sea Party


Deep Space

Just like the ocean, many kids are enchanted by the wonders of space. For your space party, hire a bouncy castle and decorate it on the inside so that it looks like the moon, host a night time party and do some star gazing or visit the local planetarium with your child and their best friends. Make space themed treats and remember that there are never enough stars!

Space Party



We all want to be a superhero at some point in our lives. Make it a reality for your child with their very own superhero party. Have guests dress as their favourites and let them “save” a damsel in distress (usually a parent) or Pin the Cape on the Superhero or just let the fun take care of itself! Make sure to get a superhero-themed cake based on your child’s favourite hero or ‘universe’.

Superhero Party


Princesses and Pirates

Every little girl wants to be royalty and every little boy wants to wreak havoc! Combine the two English arcs with a princesses and pirates party. Little effort is needed, just get the guests to dress up and have fun! Serve tea, sandwiches and scones to the royals, ginger beer and cheese cob loaf to the pirates and a big cake for all!  You can see a great range of pirate party decorations and princess party supplies here.

Princess Party


Some honourable mentions go to fairy, ballerinas and dinosaurs themes. And of course, from the past couple of years, Frozen parties!  Check out the great kids party themes right here at Pink Frosting for more party inspiration.

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