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10 Ways to Announce Your Engagement


Has you handsome man just popped the question? Yes? Congratulations on your wonderful news, you must be over the moon! Have you announced your engagement to your loved ones yet? No? Well lucky I am here to help you with some unique ways to announce that you’re on your journey to becoming a married woman.

The type of couple you are will influence the way in which you make your special announcement.  There is no right or wrong approach to engagement announcements, just whatever works for you.  So here we go............

1.    Wedding website

A new and technologically modern way to announce your engagement is by creating your own wedding website.  The home page on the website could feature your engagement announcement and once the engagement party has occurred, the website turns into a wedding invitation and planning website highlighting all the exciting details. Once the website is live, send the link to family and friends via email or text message and voila! Engagement announced!

2.    Engagement portrait

Should you be a traditional couple (or a fan of Prince William and Kate Middleton), organise to photograph a special portrait marking the occasion of your engagement. This is actually a really good way to test our photographers for your wedding so a win-win experience here.  The final portrait you and your fiancé select can be delivered to family and friends in the post or via electronic methods. 

3.    ‘Save the date’ cards

Organising a wedding is such a huge project that multi-tasking can minimise the long list of things to do.  If you know which venue you’d like to get married in, book your venue immediately and create ‘save the date’ cards that double up as an engagement announcement.  Not only do your loved ones receive a lovely surprise but they also receive plenty of notice for their calendar and time to book flights and accommodation if they’re from out of town. 

4.    Newspaper ad

Those of you who lack the ‘shy’ attribute in your personality may choose to organise a big, feature ad in your state-wide newspaper.  Personal details such as full names and hometowns, family details and a photo of the two of you should be included. Newspaper ads can be expensive so be mindful of your budget, especially with an upcoming wedding to plan.

5.    Radio announcement

Again, for those of you who may be outgoing, eccentric, dramatic or all of the above, arranging a radio station to make an announcement on your behalf may appeal to you.  Should you be a talker, you may like to request you make the announcement yourself.  Not for everyone, but for the bold and brave!

6.    The unsuspecting party

Whether it a summer BBQ, birthday bash, New Year’s Eve party or family gathering, making an unexpected engagement announcement in front of a large group may be more your style.  Surprising everyone will make this event one to remember.  Keep in mind the event you choose to do this at, as you don’t want to be crashing someone else’s special occasion. 

7.    Flash the bling

A quick and easy way to inform everyone that you’re engaged is to simply take a photo on your mobile phone of your new piece of bling and forward to your address book.  Just like a bandaid, quicker is sometimes better.  Before you go ahead, just be careful of how your parents might feel if they find out the same time as the new friend you made at a party last week.

8.    Road trip!

Did someone say road trip?  If you’ve got a spare weekend shortly after you become engaged and would like to put in the effort to tell people personally, a road trip around town is a nice idea.  Start your weekend visiting family first and gradually make your way around to friends afterwards.  Remember, you’ll need petrol, snacks for the drive and two days worth of smiles and hugs. 

9.    Love story

Some of us go crazy over a good love story so if you’re that way inclined, spend some time writing the story of your relationship with your fiancé so far.  The last chapter could feature the day of the marriage proposal.  Once completed, send your love story to family and friends announcing your special news.

10.  Facebook and Twitter

Well, I had to mention it, didn’t I?  The quickest way to announce your engagement to the world is by changing your relationship status on Facebook from ‘In a relationship’ to ‘Engaged’.  Tweeting your news is a guaranteed way to ensure your family and friends hear about the proposal quick smart, however, keeping in mind, not everyone uses Twitter. 

Whatever way you choose to tell the world you’re engaged, all the best and may your wedding be everything you dreamed of.  For ideas on engagement party supplies, visit Australia’s #1 online wedding shop, Pink Frosting.

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