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10 Best 21st Birthday Party Themes


Your 21st birthday is a milestone - the ultimate coming of age, where a teenager officially crosses into adulthood. So your 21st birthday party is the main event - family and friends gather to discuss how much the birthday boy or girl has grown up, and swap embarrassing stories about their childhood. Make it a night to remember by choosing a fun theme - Pink Frosting, Australia’s number one online party shop, has put together a list of 21st Birthday Party Themes to inspire you.

 1. “When I grow up I want to be...”

Remember those innocent days when we swung from the monkey bars and discussed the big, bright future? We were going to be doctors, teachers, movie stars, and garbage truck drivers! Reminisce by dressing up as your ultimate “When I grow up” memory, while sipping champagne and discussing how far you’ve all come.

 2. Tuxedos & Tiaras

The ultimate sparkle spectacular - high heels, glitter eye shadow and big, fluffy princess dresses. The male guests have an easy decision - to bow tie or not to bow tie? Act like royalty for the night - dress up vanilla-frosted cupcakes with sugar pearls and grab a diamante crystal “21” cake topper.

3. Brains vs Beauties

Have you noticed how nerds and geeks are completely in vogue? Get in touch with your inner nerd - find some thick glasses, bright suspenders and pop a calculator in your breast pocket. Or perhaps you’d prefer to dress as a beauty? Short skirts, fake nails and hair extensions are a must. Or, for the male beauties, unbutton your collared shirts and mousse up your hair into the ultimate “Zoolander” look.

4. Black & White

Make a 21st birthday party super classy by having a chic black and white theme. Pull out the stylish cocktail dresses and tuxedos, blow up some black, white and silver balloons and celebrate this milestone in style.

5. School Days

Yes, you’ve left those days in the playground long behind you! No more swinging from the monkey bars (not every day, anyway), no more Barbie backpacks with packed lunches and poppers. No more childish innocence! You are grown up, in the “real world”, as people keep reminding you. Well, how about one last night of uniforms and pigtails? Set up a couple of folding blackboards with notes about homework and detention, decorate the room with chalkboard tealight holders and hand out some old-school chocolate freckle hearts. A few well-placed yo-yo’s and mini gumball machines will help you celebrate the end of childhood in style.

6. Superheroes

This one is an all-time favourite. Who doesn’t have a secret superpower? Pull out your cape and your body paint, blow up some red, white and blue balloons and mingle with spidermen, wonderwomen and incredible hulks.

7. Name Night

This theme is deceptively easy. Everyone has to dress as something beginning with the letter of the birthday host’s first name. Is it Emma’s party? Guests can  get creative and come dressed as eskimos, emus or Elmo. Maybe it’s Jason’s party - there will be a room full of jesters, journalists, jockeys and James Bonds.

8. Heaven & Hell

Decorate the room with black, red and silver balloons and scatters and decide whether you will dress in angelic white wings, a flowing white gown and a fluffy halo, or black stiletto boots and sparkly devil’s horns.

9. Casino Night

Blackjack revolves around the magical number 21 - give your party a Vegas feel with some card night table centrepieces and funky glowing LED icecubes. Serve your drink of choice in mini martini glasses and dress in your best casino ensemble.

10. Twister

It’s not a great party atmosphere when you have groups of friends standing on opposite sides of the room. Friends from school who aren’t mixing with friends from work, and friends from uni who are standing in the corner in a huddle. This is a great theme for breaking the ice and getting people mingling. Guests have to come wearing different coloured hats, belts, jackets and shirts, and by the end of the night they need to be wearing all one colour. Mixing with other guests and swapping hats and cardigans will definitely have people jumping out of their comfort zones! Make sure you have a large bag full of brightly coloured hats and scarves close at hand, for those guests who ‘forget’ to dress up - there’s always a couple! Outfit swapping will ensure everyone is extremely relaxed by the time the embarrassing speeches roll around.

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