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Bridal Hair Accessories

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Top off your stunning look with beautiful hair accessories.  Choose a headpiece that fits the style of your gown, your hair and your wedding itself. Below, wedding blogger, Polkadot Bride offers her tips for making your hairstyle shine and sparkle.

  • Flowers in your hair.  Wearing a flower in your hair adds old world charm or evokes the delights of spring! A fresh, sturdy bloom (such as a rose) can last a long time, whereas a more fragile flower (such an orchid) may be better replaced with its silk sister to ensure it lasts all day. A large silk bloom studded with crystals may bring a vintage glam touch to your wedding day style.
  • Tiaras.  Tiaras still hold a place in brides’ hairdos. The varieties of tiaras are endless, from simple wire and beads to elaborate diamond glittering numbers.  Just make sure you choose one appropriate to the formality or your wedding.
  • Hairbands.  A hairband is a soft look which can add a feminine looking touch to a ‘up’ or ‘down’ do. A hairband can be made from silk ribbon to something like a rhinestone-studded band.
  • Combs.  Combs can make any hairstyle look gorgeous. Often studded with gemstones, rhinestones and all kinds of beads, they turn a hairstyle into any ‘look’ and are simple and easy to incorporate.
  • Pins.  Hairpins are a gorgeous way to add a bit of sparkle and detail to a hairstyle. From rhinestones to pearls, hairpins can match many wedding day looks.  Pins are a great idea if you can’t find the look you want in a clip or comb - they’re able to be grouped together or scattered and can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.
  • Fascinators.  Fascinators are reminiscent of the races and have an elegant look about them, especially when paired with a beautiful gown. They can also be a great alternative for a bride who doesn’t want a veil but still wants to make a feature of her hair. Fascinators can even incorporate netting to create the sense of a veil.
  • Clips.  Similar to the versatility of a comb, a clip can take many forms (from a geometric pattern to a butterfly shape), and add a beautiful feature to a simple hairstyle. Easy to replace, a clip can be switched between the ceremony and reception for different looks.
  • Brooches.  A beautiful way to incorporate an heirloom brooch is to have it adorn your hairstyle. A bold geometric style brooch could be worn for a mod style look, or an intricate flower design would be perfect for a garden wedding.
  • Something different.  The only limit to hair accessories is your imagination. From crystal studded vines, to necklaces, scarves, hats and feathers. Anything can be incorporated into your hairstyle to make it just that little bit more special and unique.

Pink Frosting's online wedding shop has a beautiful selection of romantic tiaras, traditional veils, sparkling hair combs and dainty hairpins which are an easy, elegant way to add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day hairstyle.

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