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Upbeat Wedding Songs - Our Must-Have Playlist


Crafting the perfect wedding playlist is a skill. You need to include classics that will transcend generations, making Uncle Saul hustle so hard that he spills his drink instead of downing it, but you also need to please your peers with tracks from your heyday. This is where most people might throw in the towel, give the playlist construction up as a bad job and hire a DJ. But not you. No, you will persevere and put that iPhone and the $11.99 a month you spend on Spotify Premium to good use. With technology like this at you fingertips, who needs a DJ? Not you. Luckily you have the Pink Frosting team to offer you some guidance. Every playlist needs a careful balance between the upbeat and the romantic, so once again we have split this entry into two posts. First order of business, lets get down and boogie. 

Celebration by Kool and the Gang

Its your wedding day and it is sure as hell a celebration. Singing about celebrating while celebrating - its like the Inception of wedding reception songs. The great thing about this song is that you can dance to it, and even though the chances are that no one attending your wedding has ever listened to this song voluntarily, everyone will know the words. Its a wedding classic that will definitely get those bums off chairs.

Recommended play time: After dinner when people have had a few glasses of wine. We all know the song, but no one can sing along to it sober. Weve tried it - its not possible. 

Believe by Cher

According to research, if youre getting married for the first time, you are probably in your early thirties. This means that when this song came out in 1998, you were around 16 years old, which is when your are at your most musically-absorbant. Remember how you used to try and do Chers auto-tuned voice? Of course you do. Its an involuntary action. Guaranteed to get all your old school friends on the dance floor and squealing, Do you be-lieeee-eeeve…”

Recommended play time: A bit later on in the evening when the older generation have left for the night. No good will come of bringing Cher up in a conversation with people who are truly aware of her immortality. 

LivinOn a Prayer by Bon Jovi

A wedding just isnt a wedding without a bit of air guitar, and no one spreads a lethal case of air guitar fever quite like Bon Jovi. The opening riff alone will have people abandoning their salmon en croute, because we hate to break it to you, but they dont care that it cost $150 per plate. The infectiousness of this song cares not about race, class or gender. Everyone from Aunty Sally to Beth from that one party that time will be hair-rocking like its 1988.

Recommended play time: Any time but dinner time. Seriously, we dont want that salmon en croute going to waste any more than you do. 

Jurass Finish First by Jurassic 5

Granted, hip-hop isnt everyones thing, but even non-rap fans like this song. It will make the hip hop aficionados on your guest list really happy, and its an approachable introduction to the genre for those who arent too familiar with it. Plus, we all have at least one friend, usually a really nerdy guy, possibly a computer programmer, who knows all the lyrics to this song. Giving him the chance able to perform it in front of everyone will be like your wedding gift to him - and everyone else.

Recommended play time: Late. Very late. That computer programmer will only work up the courage to bust out the lyrics to this after like six Bacardi Breezers. 

You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

Youve probably got it by now - people at weddings love songs they can sing along to. Think of it as a really long karaoke session with a pastel palette and more flowers. The older generation will love this song because theyll remember it from when it was first released. You peers will love it because theyll remember it from that feel-good British film, The Full Monty. And if there are kids at your wedding, theyll love it because its hilarious and easy to learn.

Recommended play time: Early on - possibly even the first real dance number of the evening. You want to get the songs with wide generational appeal in early before the toddlers and octogenarians call it bed time.

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