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New Years Eve for Kids


As a kid, I loved parties.  I can still remember the anticipation I used to feel when mum and dad would host a party – there was nothing like it!  I used to sit and watch as mum prepared amazing dish after dish, platters of canapés, exotic bowls of dips and sides, and, horrifyingly, that ‘70’s staple of cheese and cocktail onions skewered into oranges, decoratively peppered across the table.  I can see now that mum took far too long to let that little gustatory gem go! 

Mum and dad weren’t big on party decorations.  In fact, I don’t really recall them putting any effort into creating a party atmosphere at all.  Probably even further from their mind was ensuring the kids were entertained. Still, to be fair, if you asked my parents, they’d probably tell a different story.  I, on the other hand, am very big on decorations, and I’m even bigger on ensuring I have enough up my sleeve for entertainment to guarantee that I never hear those dreaded words out of the mouths of babes, “I’m bored! There’s nothing to doooowa!”

So, let me share with you my armoury of entertainment and activities so that you too can enjoy your evening without the sighs and bodily thrashing of a child who is “so bored!” that it’s physically painful.

Get creative!

Enlist the kids to create New Year’s Eve decorations.  This will occupy them throughout the day and hopefully wear them out ever so slightly in the process.  Arm yourself with cardboard, scissors, glue, coloured pencils and textas, coloured paper, feathers, glitter and confetti to create a New Year’s Eve decorative wall banner, decorative baubles, disco ball and bespoke party hats that will  be sure to impress. Brace yourself, this will get messy!

If you’re pressed for time, simply purchase party decorations from Australia’s #1 online party store, Pink Frosting, and let the kids add their own glitz and glamour to pre-made banners, party hats, and decorations. And remember, bedazzle, bedazzle, bedazzle!  When it comes to glitter, more is more!

Let ‘em Run Wild

Outdoor activities are not only incredibly fun but will tucker the kids out enough to ensure a good night’s sleep. Some of my favourites from childhood include playing Spotlight after dark, running through the sprinkler, Slip and Slide, backyard soccer, and swimming – well, synchronised swimming if truth be told.   If the kids are playing in water, buy some bubbles for extra fun. The soapy bubbles will add to the excitement and adult onlookers can also take part!

One of my favourite activities is a firecracker hunt.  Simply fill some balloons with glitter and confetti and hide them outside.  Let the kids run around to find them and when they do, they can pop the balloon in a cascade of colour and shimmer.  The kids can help create the balloons earlier in the day.  You could tint some uncooked rice with food colouring to make this activity more environmentally friendly.  However, if you’re as keen on glitter as I am, you could ensure that the balloons are brought back to a paved outdoor area before they are popped. You can then do a thorough clean-up, which, admit it, is a small price to pay for glittery goodness!

Food, Glorious Food

For me, every event is about the food – what’s on the menu, how the food’s presented, the crockery, glassware, cutlery, platters, I love it all!  I also love cooking, and I love cooking with kids.  It’s amazing how the simplest tasks are more fun when looking through the eyes of a young child.  And, let’s be honest, sometimes cooking with kids is just a great way to practice patience, which is good for the soul!  Kids can help out with creating celebratory morsels or simply embellish delicacies that you’ve prepared earlier.  Decorative party plates and cups not only add to the fun of the night, but save on the next day washing up - which is a great way for parents to start the New Year!

Create a Space                                                                                                                                   

One of my favourite memories of childhood is when my cousins visited and all of the kids were sleeping in the lounge room.  We pushed the lounge chairs together and draped sheets over the top to create caves and tunnels that we spent hours enjoying.   It was a land that we kids could enjoy away from the watchful eyes of grown-ups.  This New Year’s Eve, why not dedicate a room in the house for kids only.  The kids could create a name their land and create a decorative sign to hang outside.  Party invitations or favour tags could transform into a passport for each adult.  When an adult wants to enter the room, the kids could place a stamp or sticker in the passport to grant access.  You could also put the clocks forward to create a time zone in this room to allow the kids to reach midnight in time for bed.

The Final Countdown 

I love advent calendars! As corny as they are, and as terrible as the chocolate always is, I love the feeling of anticipation that builds with each little door I open as we count down to Christmas.  Why not count down the hours to New Year’s Day by cutting out some clock hands and pinning them onto the front of a piñata.  Each hour, get the kids to move the clock hands forward until they hit ‘midnight’ when they can bust open the piñata to grab the goodies.  This might be a great way to lead into quiet time to calm down before bed.  Pink Frosting has a great soccer ball piñata that would do the trick nicely!

So there you have it!  Everything you need to ensure your kids have an amazing, adventure-filled New Year’s Eve this year is at your fingertips with Pink Frosting, Australia’s #1 Online Party Shop, so get cracking.  Remember, a busy child is a happy child, and a happy child makes for a very Happy New Year!

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