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Kitchen Tea Delights


Weddings are big business.  Planning a wedding no longer involves just planning a wedding.  There’s the engagement party, bridal shower, hen’s party, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, wedding reception and the kitchen tea.  Kitchen tea? Oh yes, the kitchen tea.  Originally hosted for brides that lived with their family before marriage, the kitchen tea party is for the bride to collect all necessary items required to fill her kitchen.   

You may think the kitchen tea is just a little gathering where women in the bride’s life spoil her with kitchen accessories.  However, Pink Frosting asks you this.  Why do the engagement party and the wedding get to have all the fun? The kitchen tea deserves a theme and decorations too.  The kitchen tea has feelings too you know?!

To ensure your kitchen tea is a truly unique event that friends and family will remember for years to come, Australia’s #1online wedding shop Pink Frosting would love to share a few kitchen tea locations, themes and a surprise idea you may never have thought of.   

Location, location, location

Traditionally, a kitchen tea is held in the home of the bride, or if the bride still lives with family, the family home.  However, thinking outside the square could take your kitchen tea anywhere.  How about moving your kitchen tea outside into the garden or local park? After all, the summer kitchen consists of a barbecue doesn’t it? A restaurant or fancy cafe could also be the perfect place for your kitchen tea.  Many places have sections that can be hired for private functions. Ladies ready for cocktails may take their kitchen tea to a fancy bar. 

Kitchen tea themes

Your favourite meal – Do you love having brunch with the girls?  Or are you more an afternoon tea kinda girl? If you have a favourite meal, why not host your kitchen tea at a time convenient to your dish of the day?  Perhaps brunch a 10am, afternoon tea at 2pm or a dessert night starting at 8pm.   

Your favourite cuisine – Your kitchen tea could be inspired by your favourite cuisine.  Food served can be from your cuisine of choice with decorations to match and perhaps a game to keep the party going.  Cuisines can vary from Mexican, Asian, Italian to the exotic African and romantic French.

Cooking class – For ladies not so keen on being the star of the show, how about you organise a cooking class?  The chef of the day will host the party, provide the food and teach your guests how to cook a magnificent meal.  The best part is, all you have to do is relax, enjoy the class and eat the delicious food at the end.


Is your kitchen already full?

Those of you living in your own home before marriage will most likely have a well stocked kitchen.  But why should you miss out on all the fun? Well, you shouldn’t! 

Do you like to be wined and dined?  Invite the ladies in your life to a day at your favourite winery and ask them to contribute a bottle of red or white to your wine collection.  Wine given can help you celebrate future occasions such as wedding anniversaries or baby christenings. 

Not a fan of the kitchen tea? How about a ‘bathroom tea’?  ,Guests can bring along treats for your bathroom such as lotions, lovely soaps, pretty face washers and gorgeous toothbrush and toothpaste holders.  Before you know it, you’ll be spending hours in the bath relaxing in a sweet smelling bubble bath.  Ahhhh.

A linen party is another lovely alternative to the kitchen tea.  You can never have enough bed sheets and towels.  The advantage to a closet full of bed sheets is you can change the look of your bedroom as often as you like.  Also, men tend to use towels like there’s no tomorrow so you’ll never run out.

Decorations, games and goodies for your kitchen tea can be found at Australia’s #1 wedding shop Pink Frosting. 

Hopefully you have found a kitchen tea idea that tickles your fancy.  I just love a party and wish you all the happiness as you celebrate a home filled with love, laughter and a damn good set of steak knives!

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