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Greening Your Kids Birthday Party


It’s never too soon to teach your children how to protect the world around us. What better way than to have a green kids party.

Having a green kids party is easier than you think!  Just imagine, no more artificially coloured and flavoured food or mountains of wrapping paper and disposable plates to get rid of. The kids will love to know they’re helping the planet and maybe helping disadvantaged children somewhere else in the world. 


Hold the party in a park, nature reserve, or on a farm to help the kids learn about caring for animals and plants. Let the kids run wild and enjoy the freedom, while taking care of our precious environment.  Build your party around a theme like farm or zoo animals, puppies or dinosaurs, then find an organisation that would appreciate donations or gifts.  Why not organise with a needy park or neighbourhood to hold a tree or flower-planting party. Get the entire family involved. Let the kids learn first-hand how to plant and the importance of organic growing to the environment.


Make your own invitations out of handmade paper, recycled cardboard and paper, or buy seeded paper invitations that can be planted later.


Ask for recycled presents – gently-used books or toys to share around the community.  Suggest that parents wrap gifts in newspaper, recycled paper or fabric - or use reusable gift bags.  Give back by giving a goat to a community in Africa – ask guests to make a donation to Oxfam or another worthy cause.


Don’t waste mountains of paper on your decorations - you’ll save several trees!  For tables, use cloth covers and napkins.  No more paper plates – serve your food on eco-friendly real plates and good quality plastic drinking cups and wash them up.  Instead of balloons treated with chemicals, hang reusable paper lanterns – use them time and again for all sorts of celebrations.


Avoid the sugar-high tantrums with whole grain pizza, organic fruit leather, healthy, fresh fruit, carrot sticks and whole grain biscuits.  Instead of fizzy sugar drinks, serve fruit juices and make a banana or carrot cake for the birthday cake centrepiece.


Use cloth bags for goodie bags and don’t fill them with sugary treats - surprise the kids and their mums with handmade play-dough, plant seeds or a take home craft project.


Let the kids cook, teach them how to prepare a healthy dish they can eat at a party or take with them as party favours.  Give them pots filled with soil to plant with seeds for flowers, vegetables or herbs.  Bring out the budding artists with finger painting using eco-friendly paints and recycled cardboard and paper.  Or show kids how to make eco-crafts out of things around the house, using twigs, fabric scraps, recycled paper, and recycled beads and buttons.

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