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Decorating Your Christmas Tree


A tree shimmering with tinsel, baubles and Christmas lights is a perfect symbol of Christmas.  And by decorating it with your own personal treasures, you create your own unique celebration of the Christmas season.

Decorating a Christmas tree, Yule tree, holiday tree or Tannenbaum is one of the most popular traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas and can be traced back to sixteenth century Germany.  But before you deck the halls and dust off your Christmas baubles, here are our tips for decorating your tree.

  • First things first: choose your Christmas tree theme.  You don't need to stick with tried and true red and gold.  Amber, solid silver or peacock teal are all very popular Christmas style trends at the moment.
  • Whether you choose a real tree or go for an artificial number (which is kinder to the environment if you keep it for years!) then make sure the branches are spread evenly and there are no gaps.  This will create a neat shape to work from.
  • Then get decorating! Start with your Christmas lights.  Arrange your lights on the branches near the base of the tree and string them along the inside and the outside of the branches.  Always work with the lights on.  As a general rule, use 100 lights for each 30cms (or foot) of tree.  The more lights you have, the more spectacular the tree!
  • Then add your tinsel or garland.  This should be used to highlight the main colour of your theme.  Again, start at the bottom and work your way up.
  • Then add your ‘filler ornaments' by evenly spacing them around the tree.  These may include basic solid colour balls and simple stars and shapes. You'll need about 20 filler ornaments for every 60cms (2 foot) of Christmas tree.
  • Then add your special ornaments between the basic ornaments.  Try not to hang all your ornament on the tips of the branches, but instead place ornaments and other decorations on inner branches to add depth and interest.  You'll need at least 10 special ornaments for every 60cms (2 foot) of tree.  Pink Frosting has a beautiful range of traditional and contemporary Christmas ornaments to add oomph to your Christmas tree.
  • In general, the larger ornaments should be towards the bottom of the tree and get smaller towards the top.  Try to evenly space the decorations to balance the arrangement.
  • Don't forget some Christmas bling!  Add diamonds, pearls, sparkling blingle bells and plenty of crystal for a decadent and opulent look. 
  • To add extra decorative elements to your tree, try tying coloured ribbons together in bows and place them between the branches.  Or accent with silk flowers in your colour theme.  Fossick in the garden and at the local park for pinecones, seed pods and leaves and add a bit of sparkle with metallic spray paint or a splash of glitter.
  • For a really personalised look to delight family and friends, add some mini photo frames to your Christmas tree.  Simply print off your favourite pictures and pop them into the frames, fasten a bow with long ties to the top of each frame and hang from the tree. Pink Frosting has dozens of photo frames which are very cost effective and look very modern and personal.
  • If your tree needs some extra gaps filled, look around the house for sentimental objects that you can tie with ribbon and attach to the branches of your tree.  Think jewellery, feathers, tiny teddy bears, ribbons, dolls or dolls house furniture.
  • Get your children involved, by asking them to create their own decorations.  You'll be amazed just how good a child's magical creation made from paper, glue and a bit of glitter can look!
  • The crowning glory of every Christmas tree is an angel or star, which represents the host of angels or the Star of Bethlehem from the Nativity story.  So, take the time to find the perfect tree topper for your tree.
  • Christmas decorations are traditionally taken down on Twelfth Night, the evening of 5 January.

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