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Decorating & Styling a Bridal Shower or Kitchen Tea


Decorating and styling your party can really add the sizzle to your bridal shower.  Find a theme that suits the bride-to-be’s personality and tastes and then let your imagination go wild.  Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Capture the essence of your event.  Before you begin to plan out your event, find two or three key words that capture your theme.  Do you want your party to be elegant?  Opulent?  Colourful?  Fun-filled?  Ladylike?  Whimsical?  Capturing your key words will help you determine your theme.  If your key word is ‘feminine’ then barbecues are out and florals and petit fours are in!
  • Assess your site.  Your event venue will have an impact on your styling and theme.  Look at your venue with a critical eye.  If it’s your lounge room, for instance, consider how you can rearrange the furniture to suit your party, what decorative elements you need to work with, and those that can be put away for the day.  
  • Use your imagination.  Think of the space as a blank canvas on which to put your personal touch.  Look through magazines and design books for inspiration on ideal lighting, flowers, centrepieces and table settings.  
  • Think about your budget.  Decide on what elements are most important to you.  Is it fresh flowers?  Lanterns?  Or favors?  Spend most of your money on those, and then keep the rest fresh and simple.
  • Make a good first impression.  Make an impact with a grand entrance; try decorative embellishments on doors, colourful candles and a sign heralding the reason for the party to get your guests in the mood.
  • Cast a glow.  Candles and carefully positioned lighting can add the oomph to any tired room and provide your party with dramatic glow.
  • Bring nature indoors.  Go out into your garden and cast your eye over Mother Nature’s bounty.  Aside from flowers, do you have leaves, twigs, pinecones, seedpods or smooth stones that could be incorporated into your decorations?
  • Use colour contrast.  Pair bright contrasting colours for a simple but eye-popping effect.  Team colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel: deep purple with a splash of lime green or citrus orange with sky blue, for instance. 
  • Take a bare room from drab to fab.  Simple decorative devices such as rice paper lanterns really pack a decorative punch.  Lanterns come in so many sizes, colours and styles, and all are great value for money.  Big ball lanterns start from as low as $6 a piece, so they won’t break the bank, even if you purchase them in bulk.  And the best part?  Paper lanterns can be packed down, stored and re-used for your next big shindig.
  • Dress your tables and chairs.  There’s nothing new about tablecloths and chair covers, but beautiful fabrics can take a room from so-so to so hot!  Consider tying your chair covers with silk flowers, tulle or ribbon for that extra wow factor.
  • The centrepiece is the centre of attention.  If you are sitting down to a meal, take some time to decorate the table with a beautifully themed centrepiece.  Or for on buffet, flowers, candles and decorative elements can be just as delicious eye-candy as the food.

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