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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer


Arguably the most important wedding supplier for your big day is your wedding photographer.  They capture your memories and are a special part of each and every moment of the day from start to finish.  A great wedding photographer will understand what a privilege it is for them to be there during your most intimate moments on your wedding day and what an awesome responsibility it is to capture these once in a lifetime moments for you.

So, you need to feel confident that you've chosen a photographer who is perfect for you.  Here are our tips for choosing your wedding photographer.

  1. Go with someone you like.  There's no point having a photographer in your room when you are dressing and for other intimate moments if you don't like their character.  Your photographer needs to have a connection with you if he or she is going to get the best pictures of you on your wedding day.  And let's face it, unless you're comfortable, you won't take good photos.
  2. Research all of your options.  Take lots of time to decide on the right photographer for you.  Start with looking at wedding photographer's websites which give you a wonderful insight into their style of photography.  Look at their blogs and read their words to get a good idea of their character and the way they work.  Talk with other couples and get their recommendations.  Read reviews about vendors on wedding websites like Easy Weddings.  Try to narrow your list down to about 3-5 photographers you would like to meet in person.
  3. Meet the photographers and ask lots of questions.  Now you have narrowed down your list, make an appointment to meet the photographer in his or her studio so you can see their place of work.  Ask lots of questions such as:
    • What style of photography do they offer?
    • What style of album do they offer?
    • What packages do they have available and what is included?
    • How many hours will they attend the wedding for?
    • How many photographers will be there?
    • Will you own the images and how will they be delivered?
    • Which photographer will be at our wedding day and can I see their work please?
  4. Don't make a decision on the spot.  Go home and talk about it together.  Some of the ways that might help you make a decision are if you felt like you could be in the pictures they showed you or if you had an instant rapport with the photographer who will be there on the day.
  5. Get references.  A great photographer won't mind giving you references.  Ring a couple of people who have used the photographer to see how happy they were with the results.  It's an important step even if you feel a bit embarrassed to ask.
  6. Get quotes.  Make sure you read the fine print and understand what you are getting for your package and when you assess the quotes, ensure you're comparing apples with apples.  Do they all offer the same packages?  If not, what do you get from one that you don't get from the other.

You should budget between $3k and $10k for your photography, depending on how much you want done on the day and how much work will be involved.  Generally, we have experienced that you do get what you pay for with wedding photography and it should be a large portion of your budget as those memories will live with you for a lifetime and beyond.

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