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Bridal Garter Toss - Yes or No?


Many couples planning their wedding may choose to incorporate traditions generations of newlyweds have done at their reception. From the bouquet toss to cutting the cake, there are a variety of traditions that appear straightforward and easy to change if the couple chooses to do so. However, the bridal garter toss is one tradition not easily changed. Here are some tips you must follow for proper bridal toss etiquette, as well as some alternatives for shy couples.

Preparing for the Bridal Garter Toss

It is important the couple plans when during their reception to have the garter toss. Many couples have it later in the evening when their guests have relaxed and are ready for fun, while others plan it sooner in the evening so they and their guests can enjoy dancing the night away.

Once a time period is set up, the couple should ask the DJ or the MC to announce they are doing the bridal garter toss. A chair is supplied for the bride to sit in and the groom removes the throw away garter from the bride’s leg. The bride usually wears two wedding garters; one to toss and the other one is a keepsake. You can find bridal garters and more wedding supplies at Pink Frosting’s wedding shop.

While the bride is sitting, the groom will remove her garter to toss it. Sometimes, the groom will remove it with his teeth, but if this makes the couple uncomfortable to do in front of their guests, the groom will instead remove it with his hands. Brides that are less comfortable with this method can dismiss themselves to the bathroom and move the bridal garter farther down their legs when it is time for the bridal garter toss.

Like with the bouquet toss, the DJ or MC will ask the single people in the crowd to come forward for the bridal garter toss. The single male guests will stand in a group and wait for the groom to toss the garter. The groom often tosses the garter behind him without looking where it is going into the crowd. The bridal garter often contains elastic, so it is easy for the groom to fire the garter into the crowd like a lacy rubber band.

Alternatives to the Bridal Garter Toss

Like any wedding tradition, the bridal garter toss is optional. If the couple – particularly the bride - is easily embarrassed or do not want to do the bridal garter toss, they can skip this tradition entirely. They may also choose alternative means to have guests participate in their special day.

An easy way to find alternatives is on wedding planning forums. Some forum members at the Weddingbee Boards suggest doing an anniversary dance for married guests instead of traditions like the garter toss and bouquet toss. This allows the married couple to honour the couples at their special day who are married and take part in a special dance with them.

Another popular alternative to the bridal garter toss is to include tossing a fortune bouquet. Rather than having one bouquet of flowers for single females to catch, you can split apart the bouquet and toss the flowers for guests to catch. The bride and groom can split up the flowers to give to guests, both male and female, or the bride can do this herself if she does not want to toss a single bouquet of flowers. Each guest comes away with a flower and a little of the married couple’s luck while still honouring their new life together!

No matter if you decide to do the bridal garter toss or start a new tradition, Pink Frosting, Australia’s #1 online wedding shop, can help you along the way with wedding supplies, wedding favours and colours for all seasons.

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