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A Friendly Christmas Celebration


Christmas is one of the best times of the year with your friends being the family you choose for yourself.  So, why not combine the two and celebrate Christmas with your favourite people in the world.  Pink Frosting would never suggest you hi-jack special family occasions on Christmas Day so here are some Christmas celebration alternatives your friends may like to organise. 

Christmas Eve feast

With one sleep to go until Santa arrives, Christmas Eve is the perfect opportunity to get the gang together for a special Christmas feast.  Organise for someone to host and arrange for each friend to bring one course each.  With a big group, you may have 2-3 people for each course or have 8-10 mini courses.  Are you hungry yet?  You may also choose for one person to supply non-alcoholic drinks with each of you bringing a bottle of something to share. 

 Progressive Christmas dinner

The progressive Christmas dinner is a lot of fun and works well if everyone lives close to each other.  So what exactly is a progressive dinner?  You start at one person’s house for nibbles, and then travel for the next house for entree and so on until you have had main meals, dessert, and supper at different houses finishing with drinks at the last house.  Progressive dinners are a blast if you are able to walk to each other’s house and if you’re drinking, be sure you have designated drivers to travel safely. 

Christmas dessert party

If you’re anything like me and not a great cook, simple host a fabulous Christmas dessert party.  Everybody loves dessert and it’s hard not to impress with your very own Christmas pudding, rum balls and Christmas cookies.  A weekend afternoon is the perfect time to invite your friends around for a few sweet treats to celebrate not only Christmas, but the end of crazy Christmas shopping.   

Christmas cocktails

For a fancy Christmas night in with your favourite friends, hosting a Christmas cocktails evening might be just the thing for you.  Serve cocktails in Christmas coloured glasses or serve only Christmas coloured beverages.  A fruit and cheese platter will compliment cocktails well along with carefully selected cocktail garnishes such as strawberries and pineapple.  Australia’s #1 online party shop Pink Frosting has some great cocktail sets so have a quick peek at the website. 

Christmas weekend getaway

After all that time spent trawling through crowded shopping centres on the hunt for Christmas supplies, yourself and your friends all deserve a little getaway.  Get together a group of friends, pack your overnight bag and head away for a weekend of laughs, food and drink and relaxing by the pool (or beach if you’re near one!). 

Christmas volunteering

For the socially conscience among us, volunteering at a shelter or mobile van serving food to the homeless is a really thoughtful way to give back to the community.  Many people do not celebrate with family and the time you and your friends give at Christmas is much appreciated by those less fortunate. 

Boxing Day BBQ

With so many parties and end of year celebrations in the lead up to Christmas, finding time before Christmas Day can be a challenge.  Plan a Boxing Day BBQ for friends to catch up after the hectic month that is December.  Think of it as a ‘recovery BBQ’ with people arriving when they can, bringing Christmas Day leftovers, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.  A chilled afternoon with your BFF’s.   Just perfect. 

With all your Christmas shopping to finish, I would hate to hold you up so hopefully one of these friendly Christmas celebrations is right up your alley. Australia’s #1 online Christmas Shop Pink Frosting has plenty of Christmas supplies to ensure your Christmas party is spectacular so feel free to have a look at your leisure.

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